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What No One Is Writing About

Live from Israel: October 25, 2023

No one is writing about the fact that Israeli cities and towns continue to be bombarded by enemy rockets, that since the horrific morning of October 7 we have been under constant threat and are conducting our lives within a one-minute run from the nearest bomb shelter. The fact that our missile defenses – Iron Dome and David’s Sling – and our Home Front security are working around the clock to minimize the loss of life doesn’t change the fact that the Hamas and Hezbollah are constantly attacking civilian populations with the intent to kill.

No one is writing about the fact that there is not even one family in Israel in which a family member has not been conscripted to emergency reserve duty. Most of us have several loved ones on the front lines in danger and we are living in constant fear for their lives. We are all busy providing physical and morale support to our troops – comprised of our husbands, children and grandchildren, cousins and neighbors – but this does little to relieve the sense of dread and anxiety that accompany us everywhere.

No one is writing about the fact that since October 7 terrorists make nearly daily attempts to infiltrate Israel and carry out even more massacres. The latest attempt was last night when tens of terrorists crawled through tunnels out into the open sea and attempted to land on Israeli beaches, to infiltrate Israeli towns, and to murder our citizens. The fact that our forces were there to stop them does not minimize the fact that Hamas is still determined to terrorize, kill and kidnap as many Jews as possible. Every household is busy fortifying itself, planning where to hide and how to survive should the murderers come to our door.

This is our reality. Within it, we are trying to maintain some semblance of normalcy and routine. We cook and clean, we go to work and school, always aware of, but determined to suppress, that we are under a constant existential threat. That is the only way we can stay sane and stand firm in the face of all the things that nobody is writing about.

Besorot tovot,

Tova Sacher

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