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To Protect America’s Medical Supply Chain from China

Friendshoring Solution Identified to Safeguard U.S. National Security


The U.S. Israel Education Association (USIEA) has identified a favorable friendshoring opportunity, “America’s Medical Friendshoring Solution: Establishing a Middle East staging ground for collaboration,” in response to the United States' overdependence on China for essential medical and pharmaceutical supplies.

Birmingham, AL (March 20, 2023):

Given mounting tensions between the United States and China and the potential Chinese-brokered Saudi-Iran deal, there is an urgent growing need for America to fortify and diversify its essential medical and pharmaceutical supply chain by shifting away from China and friendshoring with amicable and strategic allies.


March 20, 2023 

U.S. Israel Education Association 

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The U.S. Israel Education Association (USIEA) is educating bipartisan Members of Congress and global industry experts about “America’s Medical Friendshoring Solution” which establishes a Middle East staging ground for collaboration by partnering with the Abraham Accords countries (Israel, UAE, Bahrain, and Morocco).


Global supply chain concerns and strains triggered by recent economic crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the war on Ukraine have exposed fragile vulnerabilities and the need for the United States to reroute its supply chains. U.S. hospitals and military troops experience the most devastating effects from supply shortages, underscoring the need to focus on essential medical and pharmaceutical supply chains for diversification and fortification.


“With America’s national security at stake, it is in our best interest to fortify and diversify our essential medical and pharmaceutical supply chain by “friendshoring” with allies that are more amicable and strategic such as the Abraham Accords countries where economic and medical innovations are flourishing,” said Heather Johnston, Founder and CEO of USIEA.


“USIEA is raising awareness about the need to redirect parts of the U.S. retail industry supply chain that has identified China’s monopoly on U.S. life-saving medical and pharmaceutical supplies that Americans simply cannot live without,” continued Johnston. “The friendshoring practice of relocating supply chains to friendly countries with a low risk of disruption from political chaos and geopolitical tension is a viable path to averting a national security crisis by safeguarding America’s healthcare supply chain.”


One of the recommended, practical first steps to operationalizing America’s Medical Friendshoring Solution is to establish an FDA bureau or field office in the Middle East. USIEA is committed to continuing to educate political and health industry leaders, FDA colleagues, and Members of Congress about how the bureau is critical to securing a supply chain solution for America’s medical and pharmaceutical needs.


In late February, a bipartisan Congressional U.S. delegation to Israel led by USIEA met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Director General of Israel’s Ministry of Health to discuss this plan. USIEA has held and continues to hold meetings with bipartisan Members of Congress in Washington, DC as well as diplomatic representatives from the Abraham Accords partners.


About USIEA:

U.S. Israel Education Association (USIEA) advances important dialogue and cooperation between bipartisan senior government leaders in the United States and Israel by filling existing information gaps and enhancing understanding of issues critical to a mutually beneficial partnership. Founded in 2011, USIEA empowers U.S. leaders with innovative initiatives on the path to Middle East peace, connects Members of Congress with direct access to West Bank visits, and educates as thought leaders in the media and through strategic global partnerships. To learn more about USIEA’s work, visit

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