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In response to the overwhelming success of USIEA’s first Congressional tours, there was an immediate need for follow up and continuing education on Capitol Hill. USIEA interacts on a regular and personal basis with members of Congress and their staff to educate and inform on the foremost initiatives related to the U.S.-Israel partnership. We offer different perspectives to help members of Congress assess complex issues affecting the future of the United States and Israel.


USIEA has grown to now employ a full time Education Department with staff based in Washington DC that can serve members of Congress on three primary fronts:

  • USIEA specializes in facilitating educational briefings for members of Congress and their respective committees. These briefings center on the most up to date research available on topics concerning mutually beneficial opportunities for the U.S. and Israel. 

  • USIEA serves as a resource for Congressional and government leaders. We connect and engage American leaders with prominent Israeli leaders, and we are connected to industry experts that provide unparalleled educational resources.

  • USIEA assists members of Congress with essential research in preparation for legislative proposals and hearings.


USIEA has had remarkable success thus far in educating members of Congress, and our efforts have resulted in tangible legislative outcomes.

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USIEA Congressional Briefing on Capitol Hill

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