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in conjunction with the education efforts of usiea, members of congress have identified the following lanes of action to support the u.s. israel relationship:

  1. Bolster the United States’ global leadership in Artificial Intelligence (AI) through expanding joint American-Israeli AI research in academia and the private sector, especially as it pertains to Life Sciences.

  2. Eliminate discrimination on funding for binational science foundations operating in the Israeli controlled territories in the West Bank. Scientific funding should not be politicized, and institutions should not be discriminated against merely based on location.

  3. Replace the Palestinian education system through innovative, new approaches to lay the groundwork for peaceful coexistence.

  4. Nearshore, or “friendshore,” aspects of the U.S. Life Sciences supply chain to Israel and the Abraham Accords countries in order to create a staging ground in the Middle East for the U.S. Life Sciences offshore supply chain, shifting our over dependence away from China and diversifying our offshore supply.

  5. Support bilateral U.S.-Israel defense collaboration by employing proven cutting-edge Israeli military technology and experience, especially in missile defense, to strengthen U.S. armed forces.



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