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The third pillar of USIEA's work is in the area of thought leadership. There is a lack of balanced public information available on Israel, particularly as it relates to the West Bank. Most media, and even some government resources, are flooded with biased opinion on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. To counter this, USIEA has resourcefully stepped up as a thought leader and expert on the topic to provide an unbiased educational voice on these issues. With thought leadership, we can bring greater awareness of our work to members of Congress and their staff. We can also expand our education to the general public as to why Israel is a critical U.S. ally. This program raises USIEA’s overall impact through public discourse. 


Practically, USIEA is engaged with press on local, national, and international levels. We have a group of fellows residing in both the U.S. and Israel that frequently release opinion editorials on current events surrounding the U.S.-Israel dynamic. USIEA’s fellows have appeared on podcasts, news specials, and various other forms of media. USIEA is ever expanding the scope and impact of our thought leadership program.

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