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USIEA facilitates privately sponsored Congressional tours through Israel with a specific focus on the geopolitical dynamics inside of the West Bank. USIEA’s Congressional tours have demonstrated groundbreaking success by providing members of Congress with access to Israel’s top leaders and experts. Key meetings include but are not limited to: Israel’s Prime Minister, the Minister of Defense, the U.S. Ambassador to Israel, top leaders in the Israel Defense Forces, Palestinian and Israeli integrated business leaders, and experts across all industries. Members leave our tours armed with knowledge and insight to affect positive change in Washington D.C. The members’ firsthand experience in the region equips them with vital information on:

  • Modern Israel in the context of the region’s history, including the two primary security fronts of the West Bank

  • Policy regarding U.S. foreign aid to Israel and the Palestinian Authority

  • Efforts to build an integrated economy between Israelis and Palestinians in the West Bank as a grassroots peace movement 

  • The developing Israeli missile defense systems and military technology central to the U.S.-Israel defense collaboration

  • Elevating unique avenues for collaboration in the areas of defense, security, intelligence, agriculture, binational initiatives, and research and development in science and technology


USIEA’s Congressional tours are our flagship program and provide unparalleled experience for senior leaders in Congress.

2022 Congressional Tour - Visiting Standard Carbon with members of Congress in the West Bank

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