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USIEA took the first members of Congress to view Israel’s Iron Dome Missile Defense System and then worked with them on efforts that contributed to more than tripling of the Congressional budget to Iron Dome from $230 million to $960 million. USIEA also regularly takes them to visit strategic border sites such as the Golan Heights and helps them understand Israel’s defense issues and strategies.

  • 2011 November

    • Iron Dome is declassified. The first time members of Congress see Iron Dome.

  • 2011 December

    • Rep. Doug Lamborn and Rep. Shelley Berkley facilitate a Congressional briefing on aid required for Iron Dome.

  • 2012 May

    • Congress authorizes $680 million for Iron Dome.

  • 2015 June

    • USIEA serves as a resource for a Congressional briefing on increasing U.S. support for Missile Defense.

  • 2015 June

    • U.S. House passes an increase of $310 million over budget request for U.S.-Israel Defense Systems.

  • 2019 July

    • ​​Congress authorizes funding for Arrow-3 anti-missile interceptor after USIEA educated senior House Armed Services Members on the new technology during our 2017 Congressional Tour.


USIEA helped Congress understand the systemic problem with Palestinian Incitement to terror through their educational programs that influenced slashing of the Congressional budget from $370 million to $290 million. USIEA also facilitated educational briefings that brought about the passage of the Palestinian Accountability Act that prohibits any U.S. government document from referring to any region under Palestinian Authority control as “Palestine” until the Palestinian Authority meets standards that include:

  • Recognizing Israel’s right to exist

  • Ending corruption

  • Dismantling terrorist infrastructure

  • Ending incitement to violence in PA media

  • Excluding Hamas from participating in a unity government

  • 2012 February and July

    • USIEA hosts two Congressional briefings exposing the Palestinian Authority’s Incitement through education, media, cultural and sporting events further highlighting how U.S. aid is used to fund it.

  • 2014 June

    • State Foreign Operations Bill prohibits assistance to any individual or entity advocating or engaging in terrorist activity.

  • 2015 September

    • U.S. State Dept. indicates it will reduce economic aid from $370 million to $290 million for West Bank and Gaza Strip due to concerns about misuse of funds.

  • 2015 December

    • House passes the Taylor Force Act, preventing the Palestinian Authority from using U.S. funding to pay terrorists serving in Israeli prisons.


Following the 2012 USIEA Congressional Tour, Rep. Ted Poe chaired successful hearing on Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS). The House Foreign Affairs Committee has since unanimously approved the Israel Anti-Boycott Act, which shields Israel and Israeli businesses by criminally penalizing U.S. citizens seeking to participate in international boycotts against them, clearing the legislation for a full vote on the House floor.

  • 2014 February 

    • USIEA coordinates meeting between Rep. Steve Scalise and Israeli Gov’t. Minister Naftali Bennett who draft wording for legislation regarding EU trade boycott against Israel.

  • 2014 February

    • Rep. Ted Poe chairs hearing in U.S. House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee that leads to future anti-boycott legislation concerning Israel.

  • 2018 June

    • House Foreign Affairs Committee approves the Israel Anti-Boycott Act which protects Israel from the threat of U.S. citizens participating in anti-Israel Israel boycott


USIEA took congressional leaders to visit successfully integrated Jewish and Palestinian businesses and introduced them to key members of the Judea Samaria Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Then USIEA hosted a private luncheon with U.S. Ambassador David Friedman where Jewish and Palestinian business leaders shared about their joint business ventures and the impact of their success on the economic prosperity of the West Bank (Judea and Samaria). These leaders have requested U.S. assistance to accelerate these efforts as a way to bring normalization of Israeli and Palestinian relations and economic prosperity to both groups in this region.

  • ​2018 January 

    • USIEA connects the Administration and members of Congress to the Judea and Samaria Chamber of Commerce (JSC) in order to create a plan to support Israeli-Palestinian business partnerships that will foster an integrated economy in Judea and Samaria. 

  • 2018 May 

    • USIEA hosts private luncheon where Israeli and Palestinian business leaders request U.S. assistance to accelerate these efforts. 

  • 2018 October 

    • Ambassador Friedman makes first official visit to the West Bank - the first U.S. Ambassador to do so in over 40 years. He meets with members of the JSC, local officials and international business leaders. ​

  • 2019 February

    • First Israeli-Palestinian Economic Forum is held in Jerusalem, and attended by Israeli, Palestinian, and global business leaders, as well as Israeli Ministers, U.S. Senator James Lankford and U.S. Ambassador David Friedman.

  • 2019 June

    • Judea Samaria Chamber cofounder Ashraf Jabari and 11 other Palestinian business leaders participate in Bahrain “Peace to Prosperity” workshop.

  • 2019 November

    • USIEA hosts Judea Samaria Chamber co-chairs Avi Zimmerman and Ashraf Jabari on Capitol Hill to facilitate briefings with members on the progress of integrated business in the West Bank.

  • 2020 October

    • USIEA co-hosts second Israeli Palestinian Economic Forum, in which two joint Israeli-Palestinian startups are awarded 500,000 shekels by a panel of international entrepreneurs.

  • 2020 December

    • Middle East Partnership for Peace Act passes in House of Representatives, allocating $50 million annually for Palestinian business partnerships with U.S. and Israeli entities. Senate adds appropriations language to make funds available for private sector partnership programs in the West Bank to support joint Israeli-Palestinian business and to encourage commerce and partnership in the West Bank.

  • June 2022 

    • Rep. Lou Correa (D-CA) sent a letter to USAID Administrator Power expressing concern over the implementation of the Middle East Partnership for Peace Act (MEPPA), and requested the Advisory Board members receive more information about grant applicants and processes to ensure oversight. Additional information was then provided to the Advisory Board.

  • July 2022 

    • Reps. Andy Harris (R-MD) and Henry Cuellar (D-TX) added reporting language in the House State and Foreign Operations Appropriations bill requiring USAID to provide additional information to MEPPA Advisory Board members. 


  • 2017 August

    • USIEA is tasked by members of Congress and by the head of Israeli Military Research and Development to identify Israeli technology that can help increase security along the U.S.-Mexico border.

  • 2018 March

    • USIEA begins briefing Congress on Israeli technology that can provide unprecedented border crossing security.

  • 2018 July

    • Rep. John Ratcliffe directs the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to investigate the potential use of Israeli border security. DHS contacts the Israeli technology source within one week.

  • 2019 March

    • USIEA educates on new Israeli border security technology, which is then showcased at the AIPAC conference, providing exposure to over 19,000 people.

  • 2019 May 

    • DHS and Israel hold advanced discussions to demonstrate Israeli border security technology on U.S. soil.

  • 2020 March

    • USIEA highlights new advanced Israeli border security, including land, sea, and air entry points. This initiates meetings with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol in preparation for a demonstration at a U.S. border crossing.

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