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JUNE 2023

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USIEA spent last week meeting with key leaders in our nation in Washington, D.C. The goal for this visit was to cultivate relationships and further educate on the foremost initiatives in the U.S.-Israel collaboration.



Our team educated both Democrat and Republican leaders in the House and Senate. USIEA also visited the Bahrain embassy to strengthen relations with the Abraham Accords countries (the peace treaty that the U.S. brokered between Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco, and Sudan).


In addition, our team collaborated with prominent Think Tanks to discuss our initiatives and pioneer ways to further develop the U.S.-Israel relationship, specifically in the areas of missile defense and military technology. Lastly, USIEA hosted a bipartisan dinner for the Congressional members to celebrate the legislative accomplishments that have been direct results of USIEA’s education.

Representative Neal Dunn
Pictured (Left to right):
Shelby Putnam, USIEA Marketing & Design Strategist, Rep. Neal Dunn (R-FL),
and Heather Johnston, USIEA Founder & CEO 



A current key initiative with Congress is to grow our relationship with the Abraham Accords signatory nations in the region and to open a new staging ground for the manufacturing of American pharmaceutical and medical products. In an effort to diversify and fortify our supply lines, the U.S. should onshore certain supply chains, as well as “friendshore” those critical American products—pharma ingredients—to our friendly ally nations. 


We have seen major support and progress come out of Congress in this arena. After returning from the 2022 USIEA Congressional tour, Rep. Andy Harris wrote the initial Appropriations report language calling on the FDA to provide a viable report for a physical bureau in the Middle East servicing the Abraham Accords nations. This would increase U.S. collaboration in the region.

Congress can impact the Middle East now in strategic ways that will also benefit the everyday lives of Americans. This can be accomplished through continuous efforts to friendshore manufacturing and production.

Pictured (Left to right):
Joan Leslie McGill, USIEA Chief of Staff
Heather Johnston, USIEA Founder & CEO
EJ Kimball, Policy Advisor 


It is important for Congress to keep pressure on the U.S. Administration to establish a credible military threat against Iran should they continue developing their nuclear program. Israel is aware of the impact of a growing Iranian regime and nuclear program. The Congress members who attended USIEA’s Congressional tour this year met with Prime Minister Netanyahu and Minster of Strategic Affairs Ron Dermer. The members understood that an Israeli strike is imminent and the United States must support Israel when that time comes.

The U.S. can take several strategic steps toward deterrence that displays American support for Israel against Iran. 


1. Transfer U.S. tanker aircrafts to Israel or, alternately, base U.S. tankers in Israel, preferably to Ben Gurion airport where they are visible to every airplane landing in Israel.

2. Increase joint U.S.-Israeli military exercises. Earlier this month, Israeli, Jordanian, and Saudi aircrafts gave air support to U.S. B-1 Bombers on a simulated bombing run.

3. Ensure that Israel has sufficient Precision Guided Munitions to fight a multi-front war with Iran and her proxies, Hezbollah in Lebanon, and Hamas in Gaza.

USIEA is working tirelessly to educate our American leaders on how they can support Israel and the United States against the Iranian threat.

Joan Leslie McGill and Heather Johnston at the
Capitol Hill Club Between Meetings


USIEA continues to carry the torch on education related to the integrated business movement between Palestinians and Israelis in the West Bank. Most recently, USIEA released a report on the current business ecosystem and areas of opportunity for U.S. investment into the region. The members who attended the 2023 USIEA Congressional tour to Israel returned to Capitol Hill and are currently working on avenues to better support this movement.


Together with our U.S. Congress, we can impact the future of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through a grassroots peace movement.


USIEA hosted a reunion dinner for members that have previously attended a USIEA Congressional tour to Israel and also invited prospective members who are interested in attending a future  trip. Members were encouraged to hear about USIEA’s ever-increasing impact and success in working with U.S. and Israeli leaders. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, was the keynote speaker and endorsed USIEA’s cutting edge work in education and policy. She encouraged her colleagues to continue working with USIEA to build a stronger U.S.-Israel collaboration.

Heather Johnston Speaking at USIEA dinner with bipartisan group of members
In conjunction with the educational efforts of USIEA, members of Congress have identified the following Lanes of Action to support the U.S.-Israel relationship:

1. Educate on the opportunity "friendshore" aspects of the U.S. life sciences supply chain to Israel and the Abraham Accords countries in order to create a staging ground in the Middle East for the U.S. life sciences supply chain, shifting our over dependence away from China and diversifying our offshore supply.


2. Promote Israeli-Palestinian cooperation and co-existence through economic integration of Israeli and Palestinian societies by working with the relevant U.S. government entities to support businesses jointly owned, managed, and/or employing Palestinians and Israelis and/or projects that jointly benefit Palestinian and Israeli societies without prejudice to the location of the recipient.


3. Increase congressional awareness of the danger of Iranian entrenchment in Syria and their provision of critical weapons technology to the Lebanese Hezbollah.


4. Support bilateral U.S.-Israel defense collaboration by employing proven cutting edge Israeli military technology and experience to strengthen U.S. armed forces.


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When it comes to the strength and security of the U.S. and Israel, YOUR support is vital. Please consider donating to strengthen the U.S.-Israel partnership. USIEA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Your gift is tax deductible as allowed by law.
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