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“Shame on Us if We Wait Until People Die from a Lack of Essential Medicines,” Former FDA Associate Commissioner Highlights Need to Establish FDA Bureau in Middle East

Summary: Former FDA Associate Commissioner Peter Pitts has been appointed a Senior Research Fellow at the United States Israel Education Association (USIEA) to advise on “America’s Medical Friendshoring Solution,” the organization’s friendshoring strategy to shift America’s medical and pharmaceutical supply chains away from China.

Birmingham, AL (March 28, 2023): China is attracting billions of dollars of American investment for new medical technologies; yet there are other, more amicable nations that are being starved of these developmental opportunities. For example, the 2020 Abraham Accords agreement brokered by the U.S. has promoted peace, economic growth, and medical innovation among these strategic partners in the Middle East.


March 28, 2023 

U.S. Israel Education Association 

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Peter Pitts, President of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest and former FDA Associate Commissioner, believes the Department of Defense must undertake an immediate audit identifying the sourcing for America’s most essential medical products.


Earlier this month, Pitts was appointed a Senior Research Fellow by the United States Israel Education Association (USIEA), a nonprofit that is educating senior government leaders on establishing a Middle East staging ground to shift America’s essential medical and pharmaceutical supply chains away from China.


“It’s smart to start sharing the wealth,” he said. “We must partner with our allies not just in recognizing the problem, but by acting to diversify the supply chain via a strategy of medical friendshoring. Shame on us if we wait until people die from a lack of essential medicines.”


America’s Medical Friendshoring Solution was borne out of an identified opportunity to relieve America’s overdependence on Chinese manufacturing before it becomes a national security crisis.


“We are thrilled to have Peter on our team to provide an added layer of credible research and to further our work with Congress,” said Heather Johnston, Founder and CEO of USIEA. “Peter’s FDA experience is critical to building out this plan, which starts with establishing an FDA bureau in one of the Abraham Accords countries.”


In addition to the Middle East FDA bureau, Pitts says Congress should insist that President Biden appoint a Blue-Ribbon Committee to address this problem and report on solutions within 90 days.


Pitts and USIEA agree that it is important to first quantify the problem – in this case, understand the extent of America’s supply chain weaknesses and level of dependency on medical products – and then work to address it.


Baby formula, ADHD medicines, antibiotics, contrast agent, diabetes test strips, and more all rely on China for both key ingredients as well as finished products. Having a proactive plan in the event of shortages, rather than painstakingly reacting, such as in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, would help protect U.S. national security.


American military troops and hospitals are the greatest recipients of these essential medical and pharmaceutical supplies.


“What is true for the American public is twice as urgent for our men and women in uniform,” Pitts said. “Battlefield readiness mustn’t be under the veiled control of the People’s Republic of China.”


About USIEA:

U.S. Israel Education Association (USIEA) advances important dialogue and cooperation between bipartisan senior government leaders in the United States and Israel by filling existing information gaps and enhancing understanding of issues critical to a mutually beneficial partnership. Founded in 2011, USIEA empowers U.S. leaders with innovative initiatives on the path to Middle East peace, connects Members of Congress with direct access to West Bank visits, and educates as thought leaders in the media and through strategic global partnerships. To learn more about USIEA’s work, visit

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