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Bruce Pearl x USIEA - Auburn Basketball Team Travel to Israel

Coach Bruce Pearl recently took the Auburn University Men's Basketball Team to Israel to play against the Israel National Team. Returning from a USIEA tour to Israel, Bruce Pearl felt called to share a similar experience with his players.

The team got to travel the land, experience the culture in Israel such as a Shabbat dinner, and of course, play basketball.

USIEA had the opportunity to educate the players about the Holy Sites before they went on their trip. USIEA is proud to educate on the importance of the U.S.-Israel collaboration.

Watch as USIEA interviews Bruce Pearl on:

  • Why he decided to bring his team to Israel

  • How U.S. funding directly impacted the protection of the team during the Tel Aviv attack

  • How the team's perspective changed

"You laugh and you cry every time you are there (Israel). What I was most pleased about was how my guys were fully engaged." - Bruce Pearl

Photography Credits: Auburn Basketball Team Twitter

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